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May 30, 2018 Selling Comments Off on Top Performers

“Top Performers” are winners and winners are great to be around. “Top Performers” are the best of the best and have skill sets that set them apart and drive them to do better and be better.

We talk quite a bit about Top Performing sales people in the 50 Habits of Top Performing Sales People book, but each business contains (or needs to contain) “Top Performers” in every department. It makes us better, it makes our teams better, it makes our customers better and it makes our Bottom Lines better. “Top Performers” are leaders and they need good leaders to see their full potential.

As my partner Lou said, “Top Performers are some of the most secure and happy people I’ve ever met. They are secure and happy because they are productive and meeting their expectations for themselves and their employers. They achieve their goals, they WIN.”

I love being around “Top Performers.” There is a sense of peace and happiness in the competitive nature of these people. Yes, they are competitive but it’s a good competitiveness because the competition is fun!”

These words are critical for success and leaders know this. We want to Win and when we Win we like it. The team will be better for it and in the end, everybody involved will enjoy what they are doing and want to do more. Therefore, we get up every day and “play the game”.

“A Habit” is not work, but just a thing that is done every day and being a “Top Performer” is critical to your success in sales and can easily become a Habit.

TIME MANAGEMENT. For Top Performers every task is planned and focused on the goals that earn the results. Top Performers plan and then engage. They act on their plans, they work hard and they get results.

Coaching these skills is a critical part of what we do. We are here to help you develop and implement your Strategic Plan and coach and develop the skills to implement the plan successfully.

We are having great success coaching and implementing these methods and skills and our clients love it!

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