Do your projects ship on time?

January 27, 2024 Selling Comments Off on Do your projects ship on time?

Delivering on time, in our experience, is a measure of quality. And in order to ship/deliver a product or project on time we believe it is imperative to track this metric and report it for every function that has any responsibility for a product or project.

I guess the primary question is do you measure shipment or delivery on time? Is it an important metric in your business? Do you measure and report the sales function “turning over”/releasing an order with all the required information to the next business functions in a timely fashion? For example, in capital equipment markets, does sales communicate complete and concise order information to engineering in a manner that engineering can completely understand, and do they do it in the time required by the project plan?

Further, does engineering release the complete engineering package to manufacturing, in a manner that manufacturing can completely understand, and do they do it in the time required by the project plan?

I think you see where this is going. Every function must complete their part of a project/order in a timely fashion in order for a company to deliver a project or product on time. And to do this, every critical function and its performance in regard to delivery should be measured and reported.

If this is something that you’d like to discuss with us, we would love the opportunity to discuss this topic with you and develop a quotation system that can minimize your risk.

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