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Louis J. Busalacchi – Founder

Louis BusalacchiNo sugar coating. No fancy binders. Just down to earth business solutions that work. This is what Louis J. Busalacchi brings to the table.

Strategen Founder Lou Busalacchi is a senior corporate executive whose passion to help companies flourish is grounded in his own experience working in the component and equipment manufacturing sector. His distinguished career includes serving as president and CEO of Roberts Sinto Corporation, and as corporate vice president and director of marketing and engineering at Kohler General Corporation.

Lou’s gift for prospecting and winnowing out the talents and skills of business owners and then guiding them as they focus on developing and implementing bolder, more productive strategic plans has paid off for both large and small companies. His no-nonsense style gives executives “permission” to do what they need to do to eliminate unproductive processes, balance human capital with business opportunities, and bring it all together for profitable growth.

His hands-on style and gift for building empowered, winning teams across functional lines is exemplified by a quote from his book: “I believe that courage is in short supply and consensus is in long supply.”

Lou with clientsLou helps business owners find their courage and apply it, reaping the benefits of their hard work.

Lou’s expertise in the end-to-end process of building or renewing manufacturing companies includes general management, long term planning, sales personnel and function development, technology acquisition, new product development and launch, domestic and international market development, global product licensing and technology transfer, business acquisition and divestiture, and engineering services.

Lou is the author of two business books, “Getting Off the Bid List – the Direct Route to Sales & Profits in Technical Products and Services Markets,” and “50 Habits of Top Performing Sales People,” co-authored by Strategen President Bill Phillips.

Lou holds a and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Achievement Snapshots

Kohler General Corporation Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

  • Chapter 11 turnaround in one year
  • Improved margin by 30%
  • Established empowered project teams to improve customer service and project performance
  • Negotiated product license agreements in Europe and Asia
  • Penetrated the European, Asian and U.S. markets with a focused target strategy
  • Successfully developed, launched and marketed 38 new products

Roberts Sinto Corporation Lansing, Michigan

  • Turned five straight years of losses into a middle 7-figure profit in 24 months through a 50% increase in margin, and a reduction in SG&A from 26% of sales to 16%
  • Developed and implemented the strategies to grow the business from $12.5M losing $1.25M to $45M with a bottom line profit of 18% after tax
  • Doubled sales volume by focusing sales activity to targeted markets, customers, and products
  • Doubled productivity per employee

View Lou Busalacchi’s resume or learn about Bill Phillips’s experience and expertise.

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