Bill Phillips

Bill Phillips – President

Bill Phillips

Bill Phillips is more often described as an implementor than a consultant. His trademark is his ability to study and comprehend complex business situations, develop long-term realistic solutions, and implement them to optimize company performance.

During his years at Strategen Inc., Bill has fused his broad experience in the business world into ideas and solutions that work for small to midsize technical product and service companies.

Never one to pull a solution off a shelf, Bill listens and “lives” with the companies that engage with Strategen, observing and learning until the gaps in general management, strategic planning, project management, productivity, sales, marketing, operations or engineering become evident. It is only then that he begins developing the strategies and plans that will take the client to the next level.

Hands on, working alongside business owners, Bill’s optimistic and realistic style sets senior teams at ease and promotes trust and honesty—two qualities Bill considers critical to moving a company forward. Often helping an owner/president work through the undeniable pain of making personnel, operational or target market changes, Bill will take on the more difficult tasks that the owner doesn’t have the time or expertise to do.

Prior to joining Strategen, Bill worked in the manufacturing, automation and system integration sectors, including Applied Project Integration, Mitek Industries and General Motors Corporation.

Among his many accomplishments, he managed multimillion-dollar projects, designed, built and integrated machines and systems, and managed the decommissioning, construction and maintenance activities of five GM facilities with a workforce of up to 400 union and supervisory employees. Growing sales from under $1M to over $5M in two years in the GM Fab World business was one of his greatest achievements.

Bill Phillips with a clientFrom the shop floor to the C-Suite, Bill’s in-depth understanding of the end-to-end challenges of growing and maintaining a healthy business are key—but his unique ability to convey that knowledge to others and help them apply it in a no-nonsense way is what sets Strategen apart.

Bill is sought out for his expertise in general management, long term planning, sales force development and management, market development, new product development and launch, project management services, engineering, operations and technology acquisition.

Bill’s involvement helps management, sales, engineering, distribution and manufacturing teams increase their focus, quality, innovation and speed by working interactively toward one goal.

Bill holds a Master of Science degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Michigan State University. He has taught junior and senior level courses in business management at Northwood University in Lansing, Michigan.

Achievement Snapshots

Strategen, Inc. & Applied Project Integration, Inc. 

Earned a reputation as a hands-on executive, building empowered winning teams across departmental lines in $5-$45 million technical product and service companies.

  • Helped growing companies increase throughput, implement systems and processes, develop and introduce new products, penetrate new markets, keep projects within scope, on time and on budget, improved information flow, built accountability and improved profits by precision-targeted coaching and mentoring.
  • Improved productivity and performance of sales teams and individuals by recruiting, coaching and mentoring.
  • Improved productivity and performance of operations and engineering teams and individuals by recruiting, coaching and mentoring.
  • Improved project management focus across the organization, optimizing information flow and maximizing efficiency. Led the integration, installation and successful startup of numerous large-scale material handling systems on time, on schedule and under budget.
  • Managed multi million-dollar technical capital equipment systems from concept to successful startup.
  • Oversaw the successful design and build of machines and systems.

General Motors Corporation Worldwide Facilities Group – Lansing, Michigan

  • Coordinated, managed and supervised the efforts of (8) GM Skilled Trades Supervisors & (200-400) GM Skilled Trades employees in the decommissioning, construction and maintenance activities throughout five Lansing facilities.
  • Took a manufacturing division a half million dollars in the red and reached breakeven in less than one-year, increased sales to $5 million per year in two years, a 500% increase, while working within the constraints of a large company and the UAW.

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