Habit 47: Sort the “Target Account” List Geographically

January 23, 2018 Selling Comments Off on Habit 47: Sort the “Target Account” List Geographically

To continue with the “Account Development Habits”, let’s look at Habit 47: Sort the “Target Account” list geographically.

Last month’s newsletter talked about maintaining the “Target Account” list once it is created. This month, let’s look at utilizing the “Target Account” list by sorting the list geographically.

Typically, you have invested many hours in creating your “Target Account” list and many more hours maintaining it. Why not invest the time to maximize the use of your list by calling on the as many of the right people as you can when you are making sales calls?

Making in-person sales calls correctly takes time and can be expensive, but this is critical to your success in maintaining current sales and developing new business. Sorting your “Target Account” list geographically will group accounts together so you can minimize time between accounts thus maximizing your time in front of prospects and customers.

With your “Target Account” list in your CRM or Excel, you will be able to build a report or sort your accounts in numerous ways and you can do so as needed for whatever you are working on. In this case, sorting by city and zip code can provide what you need and will allow you to focus your time and efforts.

For many sales people, their territory allows them the benefit of taking this a step further and they will need to prioritize their prospects so they can reach as many as possible when in an area.

Finding a balance between performing account maintenance with existing customers and reaching out to new prospects can be hard for sales people. Maintaining a geographic based “Account Target” list will allow the sale person to spend as much time with customers as needed and when time is available in their sales days, they can quickly know who to call on and where those prospects are located.

The key is to be proactive and plan so you know where you are going and maximize your time in front of the right prospects.

Habit 47: Sort the “Target Account” list geographically.

“A Habit” is not work, but just a thing that is done every day and sorting the “Target Account” list geographically is critical to your success in sales and can easily become a Habit.

TIME MANAGEMENT. For Top Performers, every task is planned and focused on the goals that earn the results. Top Performers plan and then engage. They act on their plans, they work hard and they get results.

Coaching these skills is a critical part of what we do. We are here to help you develop and implement your Strategic Plan and coach and develop the skills to implement the plan successfully.

We are having great success coaching and implementing these methods and skills and our clients love it!

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