Habit 23: It’s Important to Hand Deliver the Quote

April 28, 2016 Selling Comments Off on Habit 23: It’s Important to Hand Deliver the Quote

Continuing with the twelve Sales Skills let’s look at Habit 23: It’s Important to Hand Deliver the Quote.

Habit 23: Deliver “C” and “D” quotations in person.

Last month’s newsletter talked about “Closing” on the sales call goal skillfully. This month let’s focus on why it’s Important to hand deliver the quote.

In previous newsletters we talked about classifying opportunities and specifically, “C” and “D” opportunities. To refresh your memory on the definitions of these classifications:

  • “C”, is a qualified event for which a quotation has been presented and the prospect has submitted the quotation for purchase approval.
  • “D”, is a qualified event for which a quotation has been submitted for approval and approval has been received and purchase is eminent.

When you think about all the effort that you expend developing specifications, quantifying specifications, communicating information and actually developing a quotation for a “C” or “D” opportunity, it shouldn’t surprise anybody that quotations cost a lot of money. So, if quotations use significant amounts of internal resources and therefore cost the company significant dollars, they must be important. Right?

Quotations, particularly “C” and “D” quotations are important not only because they are expensive to produce but they are important because of the revenue that they could, potentially, generate. Focusing your time developing and closing “C” and “D” opportunities is what it’s about, and if quotations for these opportunities are so important, they should be “Hand Delivered.”

There are two reasons why these quotations should be hand delivered:

One, it provides another “kick at the cat.” It provides another opportunity to get in front of the prospect and, in this case, allows you to review an opportunity that is either funded or is going to be funded and discuss the benefits of giving you the order. It also gives an opportunity to be sure specification is accurate and to discuss the competition in detail so that you can minimize the competition and maximize your position.

The second reason is because quotations cost so much money and they, potentially, can generate so much money. It’s all about the money.

“A Habit” is not work, but just a thing that is done every day and “Hand Delivering “C” and “D” Quotes” can easily become a Habit.


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