Does Engineering Get Completed On Time?

March 21, 2023 Selling Comments Off on Does Engineering Get Completed On Time?

After a sale is completed and the project scope is defined, a project is generally turned over to the engineering department.

Having engineering involved in a final quote process for a large project is crucial to be certain that engineering and the customer understand the customer’s requirements in exactly the same manner. This is a critical event in determining the customer gets what they expect.

One might ask the question: “why is it important that we complete engineering on time?” Simply said, if engineering isn’t completed on time, then all other functions will not be completed on time. This may not be a universal truth as other functions may need to compress their duties or work overtime but generally from a profitability standpoint we want all events to be completed according to the schedule given to the customer.

We, at Strategen believe that: Keeping a delivery commitment to the customer is a crucial performance metric. It’s also a profitability metric as we know projects that take longer than we’ve committed to generally cost more than we’ve budgeted.

Simply said: Working very hard to be sure that customer expectations are reflected in the scope of a project and mutually understood by the customer, engineering and sales are critical events in ensuring that the engineering package is released complete and on time to manufacturing.



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