Conviction to Do What is Right

September 27, 2018 Selling Comments Off on Conviction to Do What is Right

The last newsletter reviewed “Top Performers” as leaders that have the “Courage to Win”. With this courage, we also need the “Conviction to do what is right”. When the thing to do is obvious, then the conviction required to perform is minimal, but when the situation goes against the norm or standard or is not the easy option, then the decisions become more difficult and the conviction required to make the decisions and stand by them is critical to success.

Conviction is defined as “a firmly held belief or opinion”. “Top Performers” are firmly convinced of what they believe, and the actions associated with these beliefs spell success. “Top Performers” have the “Conviction to do what is right” and regardless of the situation they act and follow through with conviction, so they receive results they expect and need. These results are critical to their success and they separate the winners from the others.

With the “courage and conviction to win”, “Top Performers” quickly become the leaders of their teams and critical to their company.   In today’s business environment, courage and conviction are in short supply and those that have the conviction to do what is right, stand out! In today’s sales environment, talking to somebody that truly believes in what they are selling and is comfortable talking about the features and benefits of their products or service and connecting these to the solutions required is refreshing. These are the professionals that can provide solutions that solve problems and alleviate pain and when there is pain, there is motivation to buy. When this happens, both parties “Win”.

“A Habit” is not work, but just a thing that is done every day and having the “conviction to do what is right” is critical to your success in sales and can easily become a Habit.

TIME MANAGEMENT. For Top Performers, every task is planned and focused on the goals that earn the results. Top Performers plan and then engage. They act on their plans, they work hard and they get results.

Coaching these skills is a critical part of what we do. We are here to help you develop and implement your Strategic Plan and coach and develop the skills to implement the plan successfully.

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