Believe in What You’re Selling

November 15, 2018 Selling Comments Off on Believe in What You’re Selling

The last newsletter reviewed the “conviction to do what is right” and mentioned that “Top Performers” “believe in what they are selling” and are comfortable talking about the features and benefits of their products or service and connecting these to solutions.

The concept of “Believe in What You’re Selling” is critical to success in sales and can separate those that sell from those that do not.  Think about this for a minute, with the right kind and amount of training, sales people can learn the features and benefits of products and services so they are armed with the basic information they need to call on customers and prospects.

So, if this training is all it takes, why are there so many mediocre and poor performing sales people out there?

One significant reason for poor sales performance from technically trained sales people is that they do not “believe in what they are selling”.  While this sounds extremely simplistic it is all too common and one of the main barriers of sales people trying to explain the value with conviction of what they are offering.

Have you ever watched a sales person struggle to tell you why you should buy their product or why their service is better than the competition?  They can tell you what it does and how it works and how many have been sold and to whom, but they are not able to convince you that you need one from them.

You tell them what you need, and they struggle to provide the solution.  Why is this?  Time after time, it is because they do not “believe what they sell” is a solution to your problem.  They do not understand how what they sell solves your problem.  They struggle to tie features and benefits to your need because they do not believe these features and benefits solve needs.

Only 5% of sales people are “Top Performers” and these sales people know what they sell and why you need to buy it from them.  They “believe in what they sell” and know how to match the features and benefits to your need.  They understand the value of what they sell and know how to justify the sale in a manner that helps you buy it.  “Believing in what they sell” allows them to position themselves to be the “vendor of choice” and the “go to guy” when their customers have a need.

“A Habit” is not work, but just a thing that is done every day and “Believing in What You’re Selling” is critical to your success in sales and can easily become a Habit.

TIME MANAGEMENT.  For Top Performers, every task is planned and focused on the goals that earn the results.  Top Performers plan and then engage.  They act on their plans, they work hard, and they get results.

Coaching these skills is a critical part of what we do.  We are here to help you develop and implement your Strategic Plan and coach and develop the skills to implement the plan successfully.

We are having great success coaching and implementing these methods and skills and our clients love it!

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