Are You Happy with Your Customer Development Efforts?

November 15, 2022 Selling Comments Off on Are You Happy with Your Customer Development Efforts?

The first question is: do you have an active customer development process? We use the term “customer development” in place of market development because I believe it brings more focus to the process. “Customer development” focuses on the customer rather than the much more intangible “market”.

We believe people buy from people they know like and trust and if this is true, we believe focusing on the customer, as people, helps us develop a much more focused and effective process. To think of our customers as people, we must first define the people.

If you have a customer development process, have you defined the people in your market with whom you wish to do business? We believe this is a necessary first step.

Defining the companies in your market and the people within those companies to target brings much more focus to developing new business than a general image and branding marketing effort.

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