Back To Basics: Who Do You Sell To?

December 30, 2012 Back to Basics Comments Off on Back To Basics: Who Do You Sell To?

Last month we reviewed the most important fundamental question any business owner or executive can ask to provide direction for business planning and that is:  “What do I sell”.  Only after a clear understanding of the answer to this question is established can one begin to draft a business plan.

If “What you sell” does not have a market then a series of problems will arise and must be addressed.  But if a market does exists and you can define “Who you should sell to” based on “What you sell”, then you have the basis for a “Strategic” business plan.  Being able to clearly define “Who you should sell to”, defines your market in a proactive manner.  Proactive can be scary but it will result in the most profitable sale endeavor for your company.

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