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December 30, 2012 Back to Basics Comments Off on Back to Basics – How to Sell

Over the last year I have been focused on the Strategic Plan and its drafting and implementation.  I think I have covered the topic in enough detail and some readers have asked that I change focus and “Get Back to Basics.”  The “Basics” that most want me to write about is the SALE and how I advise companies to go about selling.

In previous newsletters the sales process has been discussed in detail with focus on defining the market, in detail, and describing the companies in the market and the people within those companies as “Targets.”  This approach requires that the company, its management and all employees be involved in a “Proactive” market plan that defines what the company sells and to whom the company will sell.

Without a focused market plan that defines the “Target” companies and the “Targeted” people to be contacted the company is left to the whims of the sales people to call on who they wish, when they wish selling what they wish.  Not much of a plan and the results are what one would expect, not much!

Back to basics is just that.  Does your company have a Proactive Market Plan that defines what you sell and to whom you will sell?  Do you have a Targeted customer list that defines the Target customers and the people within those companies that will be cultivated?  If not then you should get “Back to Basics.”  Next month I will review how do develop this list.

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